crossbell - v1.12.0


A JavaScript SDK to interact with the Crossbell. It works for both browser and Node.js.

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npm install crossbell

Node.js >= 18.0.0 or Node.js >= 16.14.0 with fetch polyfill

import { createContract } from 'crossbell'

// Create a new contract instance with metamask provider
const provider = window.ethereum
const contract = new createContract(provider)

// Example API: Create a new character for an address
try {
const result = await contract.character.create({
owner: '0x1234567890123456789012345678901234567890',
handle: 'Jason',
metadataOrUri: 'ipfs://xxxx/metadata.json',
console.log( // '42' (characterId)
console.log(result.transactionHash) // '0xabcdef...'
} catch (e) {
console.error(e.message) // e.g. "execution reverted: Web3Entry: HandleExists"

You can also connect with a private key directly.

import { createContract } from 'crossbell'

const privateKey =
const contract = new createContract(provider)

You can also connect with a read-only provider. Note that in this case, you can't do write operations like createCharacter.

import { createContract } from 'crossbell'

const contract = new createContract(provider) // just pass nothing to use a read-only provider

For more contract api, see docs.

You can fetch data from the crossbell indexer.

import { createIndexer } from 'crossbell'

const indexer = createIndexer()

// get a list of characters owned by a specific address
const res = await indexer.character.getMany(

For more indexer api, see docs.